She was ramblin’ on
In the forest
With a rucksack
Parked on her hips.
The forest had few trees
Concrete was its keep.
And she was walking
With so many
But her stride,
It was lonely.
Her feet wore
Brown shoes
Much like the rest of her
And they took them to a nearby store.
The panel on the door
Despised her
And so did the counter girl.
She looked at the shine,
The matte
And the richness.
All she wanted was to silence,
To silence
The indifference.
Her brown shoes took her
To the aisles of promises.
She could feel
A few eyes on her,
The indifference,
She could see birthing
And turning away from her.
Now a pale face peeking at her
On a glossed out cardboard.
She looked
At the invisibility of distinct features
But concluded the colour.
So she picked up the loofah pack.
The counter girl,
Now hurrying her line.
And she scrubbed and she scrubbed
But the light wouldn’t shine
Then she scrubbed some more
Like clearing a scene of crime.
She slid back into those eyes
Those eyes of indifference,
Those eyes,
Of despise.
Calling it a home for the rest of her life.


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