A. Day.

Gazing at the sky lights
In between the drudge day,
I see you climbing up on my thoughts,
Showing me the life ahead.

Another day goes by
Into counting more days
Until I can see your beaming smile again.

With coffee in the jar
Whiskey in my humble bar,
I conjure up the promising evening
That takes away the week’s dread.

And the day comes just too late
And falls away much too soon.
The air, the sheets,
The strings and all that’s bittersweet,
Treat me like a betrayal
After you leave.

The night comes and it comes unaccompanied again,
I gaze into sky lights,
Losing to my dreams again.


One comment

  1. Prayas Bhatnagar · July 25

    I breathe the air , which you once breathed.
    I feel the life when i am under your shed.
    I never wanted to go , i wish i could have stayed.
    Lets count our blessings and wait..there will be another day.

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