The Ringing In My Heart

Like the dark shadow beneath a lit window
You leave me cold
And desperate for warmth.
As if the light was hushed
Not only in the alley
But burnt out from our hearts.
My damp pillow reeks
Of the stories
I told myself to sleep.
In them, you were one
And I was many
In them you were you
And I was me.
Hunched beneath the light
I am fond of the dark.
A few startles
And some mist later
It is a prose
Ringing in my heart.
It is all one,
One blanket of black
Through which I see me
And now, less of you.
It swallows me
In one instance,
Leaving no sign
Of body, nor soul.
The truth is a distance
And the black escape
Is a lie.
Eye to eyebrow
Lips to ears
The shadow darkens
All that glimmered
When I entered
Through the door.
The ringing in my heart stops.
I can breathe no more.