I have forgotten the lines on your face
I have asked you, “How have you been?”, a lesser number of times these gone years.
I have been preoccupied.
And I have forgotten,
How wonderful it was to be cuddled by you,
To make dinner an exercise
Because veggies wanted me to go run,
And come back to them.
That’s how you made nutrition my fun game.

You are my old man now , and a bit hazy
Functional to the toe,
Not a bone which is lazy.
But you look like you have crossed over time
To a place of innocence.
A place wherein I look at you
And feel a cross section of emotions
Mostly of wanting to throw a fit of refusing egg plants.

Uncle, if you hear me, know that there is a heart here
That thinks of you in the sparks of daylight and sometimes, late at night.
That remembers the scooter and the crisp hair
Ricky Martin and snoring snares.
That remembers you with all heart,
And this heart, remembers you with all love.


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  1. prayas90 · September 22, 2016



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