All is one
And one is all
All is hate
And none is love.
So much emotion
But none above the other
There’s ego in passion
And passion in ego.
What you see
Is fancy deception.

Fresh and strong malice
Tossing in my gaze
It burns and drowns into ashes
From ashes it re-awakes.
It’s hating,
In the neon lights.
Lights of smile
Of hope
Of joy
Why, the wonder ?
Such distance
Panic and panorama.

And a third time.
All smells of decay.
Do not know what is dark,
The streets
Or my heart.
And laughing.
Caricatures of sham.
And dicing,
My love for the grim.
Projectiles of pleasure
Run parallel
To the pain.
Across from the light
It stands,
Saved, yet again.


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