Me and My Friend Abigail

“You know”, I tell her,
“There’s such beauty to see,
So much more I wish to be..
Now, would you please read
That book by the bed stand
Beside me ?”

So I could drift away
Into the night,
Away from these sheets and cast
Into a world where the sun beams dance
Out on my porch.
I could stare up at the moon
And down at the tide
Take them as my own.
Where I could live as one
And leave as many.
Feel the rapture of the rising dawn.
In a world where there is no one to kill
But time.
What’s there is ours
And not just mine.
There would be no one to cheat,
And no hidden signs.
We would be happy there,
Me and my dear friend Abigail.
I would play and laugh
Be the child I was meant to be.

Yes, I could be happy there..
And well, you could still read to me..!


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