A Life Well Lived

There’s reason to believe
All the wisdom we’ve seen,
All our stakes and all our triumphs
Have so rushed, and not as been.

For if life were a privilege
And not a given right
Bound by worth
The unknown couldn’t excite.

We took to ours
So willfully and strong.
All the virtue of it
Faded and gone.


Time is brutal
They say.
Forge ahead
They say.
Steady, my vision
Empty is my gaze.
So I seek
And as much I get.
Time is cold
As much I forget.

Lost is the parody
On many and much
Reckless are we
To the lover’s touch.
Pardon me, my presumed
Hold the fort.
While I conquer some
And many a more.

And tonight I glimpse through
The blurs of a lived life.
If I revered them replete
Maybe they could stay a while.
Regretful reflections
In my humble glass of wine.
A life well lived,
They say.
Only if it weren’t mine.


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