I Will Be

I look for the meaning in life now

Now , that he is in it no more.

I told him, “Don’t leave me alone in this world”,

“Never, darling”,

He said.

But little did he know.

I saw him take the last of his breath,

That ‘sigh’ which would leave behind

This silence

Eating my insides.

With these hands I felt him

Buried him with these hands

The pastor freed his soul

As I wished me in the ground.

Only if I could stop right now.

Ahead of me

There’s not reason

Nor rhyme.

So now I leave

For mercy is what I plead

What good will I now, ever do

With my dear beloved,

 I wish to be.

Goodbye dear Father

You loved me like your own

I fear nothing can I give you

So long as I should breath

I’ll be skin and bones.

Don’t be morose

For I am the only dream you have

I shall know your misery

For I just woke up from the one I had.

Your heart will freeze

Like mine did

When you see me move no more

Your touch will seek my warmth then

So you could hush Mother’s uproar.

You will live a life

That has me nowhere

You will live each day

A little less

All this, for my loss I could not bear.

I would take not one

But many lives I would seize

Oh Father, help me through my pain

If I brave again to breath.

So now I leave

And for strength alone I pray

With you my dear beloved,

 I will be.

But not today.



One comment

  1. Prayas Bhatnagar · March 9, 2015

    The description is powerful . It takes you slowly . Hauntingly beautiful!

    Great work.

    Liked by 1 person

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